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Patient Testimonials

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!


  • Achilles Tendon Repair

“A skiing accident ruptured my Achilles tendon in early January. SMO was able to get me scheduled for surgery with Dr. Greenleaf four days following the accident. I have valued the promptness of my original appointment and consultation, the efficiency in getting the surgery appointment, the level of attentiveness and care through the surgery and the consistent attention given me on follow-up appointments. My progress now, at ten weeks, is more than satisfactory and the PT staff is following through with appropriate exercises and therapy so that I can regain range of motion and flexibility. SMO was recommended to me by a physician in Sunriver and I would confidently make a similar recommendation.”

Paul F

  • Total Ankle Replacement

“Dr. Stephen Schroeder performed a STAR total ankle replacement for me in 2014. Two surgeries, and I was walking within 3 months, and back to work within 4 months. After 8 months total including Physical Therapy, I have been fully functional and pain free, 20 years after the original trauma that culminated in end stage arthritis.

The other options for pain relief other than ankle replacement were fusion, or worse yet amputation.

Neither of which was a viable option.

Dr. Schroeder, his associates and the team at Sports Medicine Oregon are top shelf professionals, and I could not have expected a better outcome than what I received from their services.

My medical condition was a challenge I'm sure, but Dr Schroeder accepted the challenge and changed the quality of my life for the better.

Thank you Dr. Schroeder.

Thank you Sports Medicine Oregon.”

Debbie V.

  • New patient consult

“I ruptured my ACL 20 years ago, and, because I was working full time as a nurse, it was not feasible at the time to have it surgically repaired due to the long rehabilitation and not being able to work. I am now retired and reinjured my knee recently. Having heard that the surgery is now less complicated, and because I am not working, I decided to now pursue the possibility of surgical repair. Dr. Greenleaf came highly recommended. I just saw him today and he was VERY encouraging after reviewing my history and examining my knee, stating that he thinks I am a good candidate for the surgery, which he confirmed is now much less complicated. I am SO excited and pleased. All of the staff was great, as well. Sharon, the receptionist who checked me in, was particularly warm, compassionate, and helpful. Nikki, who scheduled my appointment and took all pertinent information, exemplified all the same traits as Sharon. So far, I am VERY impressed by your group. And, this comes from a retired RN who has high standards and expectations! Thanks to all. I will DEFINITELY be pursuing surgery, as well as recommending this clinic to family and friends!”

Kim D

  • Right knee surgery

“First off, I have to say, that I have had nothing but positive experiences when visiting Sports Medicine Oregon. My surgeon, Dr. Edelson, was top notch. He is always extremely thorough, kind and patient with me and he really did an amazing job with my old arthritic knees. The physical therapy department here is amazing and really helped me recover from my arthroscopic knee surgery. Having been to a few doctors for my knee problems, I can honestly say that Dr. Edelson and his staff are the best around. I live in California now and I will honestly say that if I ever have to have another surgery that requires an orthopedic surgeon to be involved, I will be flying to Oregon to see this group! Everyone here including the Doctors, P.A.s, M.A.s, PTs, OTs, Surgery Schedulers and the front desk staff are top notch in my book. Thank you Sports Medicine Oregon! You are one impressive group of professionals! I hope to never need your services again in the near future but if I do you will certainly be hearing from me! ”

Clair C

  • arthroscopic capsular shift ( shoudler )

“We first met Dr, Edelson July 28th. I knew right when we walked into his office in downtown Portland right on the Portland Timbers soccer field that he was someone who obviously knew athletes. Therefore, right away I knew he would be perfect for my 17 year old daughter's shoulder issue. We had met two other doctors before him. The information they had given us was confusing and not concise. With Dr. Edelson he was extremly clear. He said if she wants to continue to play her sport in college, she needs to fix this or it will continue to be a problem. He was able to get us into surgery within 6 days of that meeting. It went so good and not only was the surgery right on time, the appointments have been and everyone is so pleasant and helpful! The other thing that has been so great is that their phones get answered and calls get returned when necessary. They also all have emails so you can email with the medical assistants. I have worked with many doctors offices, as I have 2 teenage daughters that have had a combined 6 injuries in 14 months and let me tell you...Sports Medicine Oregon is the one getting it right! Thanks so very much. It makes a stressful situation so much easier when you can get quick answers to all of your important questions!!! I recommend this office and Dr. Edelson very much!”


  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery
Vimal's photo

“I tore my ACL after a bad skiing accident and completely ruptured it. I got a second opinion with Dr.Greenleaf and I am glad I came to Oregon Sports Medicine for my surgery.

Besides skiing, I also play league tennis and wanted to make sure, post Surgery I could resume my tennis. And I was assured by Dr.Greenleaf, that I could get back to playing tennis at a high level and today, I am back to where I was or even a notch better.

Many Thanks to Dr.Greenleaf - I highly recommend him as a surgeon to all my friends!!”

Carolyn Milne

  • Knee Laser Surgery

“After 3 months in horrible pain and non- existent care from an another Ortho Clinic, I took a chance on Dr. Murphy after seeing their ad on the internet. Best thing I ever did. Their entire clinic treats you so professionally and with kindness. The nature of my injury was explained to me - something the other clinic wouldn't take the time to do and I felt like I was in great hands. I need a knee replacement which will be done by Dr. Murphy as I have total confidence in him and their staff.”

S. Casselman-Bird

  • partial knee replacement

“I had a partial knee replacement with Dr. Murphy on July 21, 2014.

My recovery was speedy and I must say I am impressed with Dr. Murphy and the robotic procedure he used. No arthritic pain....Thank You Dr. Murphy !!!”

John A.

  • Knee replacement

“I had my knee replaced by Dr. Murphy 2 months ago, and I am very pleased I have no pain that Advil can't take care of. I can tend to my garden, and resume work... SO happy!! Before it was hard to walk through Walmart now it's no problem. I will not hesitate to seek his help again if I need it!!”

Morgan E

  • Knee Surgery

“I have struggled with "bad knees" my whole life. I have had many Doctors visits to try and find out what was going on and after several inconclusive or non-matching diagnoses from FOUR different doctors over the course of 8 years, I finally had a friend suggest I go to Sports Medicine Oregon and see Dr. Greenleaf. Only moments into my first visit I could tell that the Dr. genuinely cared about my treatment and getting me back on my feet. He soon gave me his diagnosis of "patellar tracking disorder" and went into immense detail about why this was causing me pain and what I could do to fix it. I decided to go for surgery, and my pre-op appointment with Sheri Cameron was just as comforting if not, more. She did not make me feel rushed or annoying with all of my millions of questions and really eased my anxiety about my first ever surgery. 6 months later the first operation went so well I have decided to go through with the same surgery on my other knee. I cannot imagine trusting my knees with any other doctor ever again; Dr. Greenleaf and Sheri gave me my life back!”

Jill R.

  • Foot surgery

“Dr. Schroeder quickly diagnosed an old injury where my leg bone meets the ankle bone (torn away cartilege). Good office visit preparation. Surgery went well. Good supervision of recovery. After five months, I am walking without pain. I am so pleased. His recovery prognostications have been accurate. His staff were friendly and helpful. Dr. Schroeder was pleasant, smart and easy-going. At each office visit he explained my progress and answered any and all my questions. ”


  • Upcoming Shoulder Surgery

“I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Murphy today as a new patient for a long suffering problem with my shoulder. My only regret is that I did not meet him sooner! For the first time in over a year, I have a solid diagnosis and a clear plan of care to address my problem, and I simply could not be more grateful. While I know of no one who actually looks forward to surgery, I am eager to be moving forward with Dr. Murphy to surgically correct the issues, and have total confidence in his plan of care.

My experience in this office today could not have been more positive. In addition to being very grateful to Dr. Murphy, I am very thankful to each and every person I dealt with from the very kind person who scheduled my appointment as quickly as possible, to Misty in Medical Records, Lynwood Shannon, and all of the rest of the staff! YOU ALL ROCK!!! Thank you so much, I look forward to getting on with the fix for my shoulder, and working through my recovery together! Thank you.”

Brian C.

  • Rt knee (medial meniscopy)
Brian C.'s photo

“ I'd like to thank Dr. Kevin Murphy for his excellent repair of my right medial meniscus tear. I tore it July 2012 after pulling a 700 lb. tractor out of a ditch and was experiencing mild pain when walking and had occasional bouts of severe pain (if I moved such that the torn cartilage got into the "wrong place".) Dr. Murphy operated to clean out the torn cartilage in late November 2012. I felt immediate relief the afternoon after surgery, even as the meds were wearing off. Two weeks after surgery, I had full range of motion in my right knee. Joint pain was greatly diminished and only some tenderness from the small incisions remained. It has been 5 months now, and I walk with no pain and participate (with more caution now) in my previous sports and yard work. The tenderness at the incision points is completely gone. I highly recommend Dr. Murphy and thank him and his supporting staff and nurses at the Oregon Outpatient Surgery Center for their skill and care in restoring to me the activities I enjoy. I would seek out Dr. Murphy should I injure a joint in the future.”

Bob R.

  • partial knee replacement

“I had the most satisfactory knee operation performed by Dr. Kevin Murphy on Aug. 6, 2012. Just a day later, I was back home walking 16 steps upstairs to our bedroom on a daily basis with no help, though perhaps a little slower. Two days after surgery, I was driving again. Yes, there was a large bandage around the wound that took about 4 weeks to heal.

After an operation like this, you need physical therapy. Nurses from the hospital come twice a week to do exercises with you in your home for about 2 weeks, and then you start about 4 weeks of physical therapy in your city. All the arrangements are made by Dr. Murphy's office.

We are talking about walking without a limp or any kind of pain. My family and friends could not believe that I could walk like a new man again. I'm going on my daily walks again, and am able to perform all other necessary activities. I am now able to bend my knee 136 degrees, which is perfect. All of this is possible with the knowledge, skill, and years of experience Dr. Kevin Murphy brings with him.

The other outstanding and very knowledgeable and friendly person assisting Dr. Murphy is Lynwood Shannon, PAC.

Roberta H

  • hand surgery

“i have never had a better experience from start to finish! Dr. Hamilton is wonderful, I've recommended him to several friends. The surgery is great..facility that is! Every person I came in contact with was a top flight professional. I highly recommend the facility and all staff to any and all those in need.”