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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Brian C.

  • Rt knee (medial meniscopy)
Brian C.'s photo

“ I'd like to thank Dr. Kevin Murphy for his excellent repair of my right medial meniscus tear. I tore it July 2012 after pulling a 700 lb. tractor out of a ditch and was experiencing mild pain when walking and had occasional bouts of severe pain (if I moved such that the torn cartilage got into the "wrong place".) Dr. Murphy operated to clean out the torn cartilage in late November 2012. I felt immediate relief the afternoon after surgery, even as the meds were wearing off. Two weeks after surgery, I had full range of motion in my right knee. Joint pain was greatly diminished and only some tenderness from the small incisions remained. It has been 5 months now, and I walk with no pain and participate (with more caution now) in my previous sports and yard work. The tenderness at the incision points is completely gone. I highly recommend Dr. Murphy and thank him and his supporting staff and nurses at the Oregon Outpatient Surgery Center for their skill and care in restoring to me the activities I enjoy. I would seek out Dr. Murphy should I injure a joint in the future.”

Bob R.

  • partial knee replacement

“I had the most satisfactory knee operation performed by Dr. Kevin Murphy on Aug. 6, 2012. Just a day later, I was back home walking 16 steps upstairs to our bedroom on a daily basis with no help, though perhaps a little slower. Two days after surgery, I was driving again. Yes, there was a large bandage around the wound that took about 4 weeks to heal.

After an operation like this, you need physical therapy. Nurses from the hospital come twice a week to do exercises with you in your home for about 2 weeks, and then you start about 4 weeks of physical therapy in your city. All the arrangements are made by Dr. Murphy's office.

We are talking about walking without a limp or any kind of pain. My family and friends could not believe that I could walk like a new man again. I'm going on my daily walks again, and am able to perform all other necessary activities. I am now able to bend my knee 136 degrees, which is perfect. All of this is possible with the knowledge, skill, and years of experience Dr. Kevin Murphy brings with him.

The other outstanding and very knowledgeable and friendly person assisting Dr. Murphy is Lynwood Shannon, PAC.

Roberta H

  • hand surgery

“i have never had a better experience from start to finish! Dr. Hamilton is wonderful, I've recommended him to several friends. The surgery is great..facility that is! Every person I came in contact with was a top flight professional. I highly recommend the facility and all staff to any and all those in need.”

Esther W.

  • Partial Knee Replacement

“I had a partial knee replacement done in mid-January. I now have full range of motion. Dr. Kevin Murphy preformed the surgery. I have to say that it was the most positive surgery I have ever had. The doctor's staff as well as the hospital staff at Meridian Park, have a program that let's you be fully aware of what is going to happen and what to expect. There where no surprises and the level of care I received was excellent. My right knee is going to have to have surgery and I will not hesitate to return to Dr. Murphy for treatment. Just follow their treatment program and FEEL BETTER!!!”

Cheri Emery

  • Reconstructive knee surgeries

“Over the last 20 years, Dr. Greenleaf has performed 3 reconstructive knee surgeries and a meniscus repair surgery on my left knee. For all the trauma my knee has been through, I should not be very active. But, due to Dr. Greenleaf's expertise, I can still participate in just about all sports. I attend boot camp and crossfit classes, I power walk, play tennis and racquetball. I would not see any other doctor in the Portland metro area.”

Kathy Johnson

  • Ankle Stabilization
Kathy Johnson's photo

“I had Polio when I was 5. The ankle on my strong leg has twisted all my life and I have fallen down a lot. I was told by my doctors that I would sprain my ankle a lot during my lifetime, which I have. This time my ankle twisted so severely that I broke my fibula, about 2" below my knee. When I came to see Dr. Stephen Schroeder he explained to me that I not only broke my leg, but I also tore the tendon from my ankle up to the break. He told me he could do surgery and stabilize my ankle with heavy duty suture material so that my bones wouldn't move in the cast so much and my tendon would heal a lot faster. He asked a lot of questions and listened to what I had to say and then explained that after years of injury I had probably stretched the ligament that went across my ankle and he would also shorten the ligament and reattach it to give me more stability. In my whole life I have never had a doctor approach my ankle problem this way. I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Schroeder took the time to try and help me with my issues of stability. At 66 years of age stability is extremely important to me. Everyone at this clinic is terrific and I wouldn't hesitate to come back or to recommend them.”

Jen Moreno

  • Knee injection, PRP

“I have to tell you that my knee is doing remarkably better and I must conclude it has to do with the PRP injections. I have slowly been trying to jog again and this is exciting, much appreciation, to Dr. Greeleaf, Sheri and Merle too.”

Eric O

  • Shoulder surgery

“Dr Edelson did a fantastic job fixing my shoulder. I was back to work 2 days after my surgery and my range of motion is already at the 2 month mark 10 days after my surgery. Dr Edelson and his Physician Assistant Valerie were very professional and answered all my questions and concerns. My positive expierence with Dr Edelson and Sports Medicine was more than I could have asked for. I would highly recommend Dr Edelson to anyone. ”

Fran O

  • knee

“I saw Dr.Trimberger yesterday for knee pain. Turns out I have no cushion on the inside of my knee. The doctor gave me an injection in the knee and now I'm thinking about taking up triathelon...not really, but the knee feels so much better today. Thanks! ”


  • knee surgery
Jordan's photo

“Dear Dr Murphy and Sports Medicine Oregon staff,

Thank you for the great job with Jordan's ACL surgery. He had a successful Senior season as starting Middle Line Backer and Kicker for his High School Varsity Football team and equally important Jordan has not had any knee problems since his surgery. We're very pleased and thankful for the quality of care Jordan received from you and your staff. We would highly recommend Sports Medicine Oregon to any athlete that may need knee surgery”

Jane Holtry

  • Foot Arthritis

“First I must say that I am indebted to Dr Stephen Schroeder. I have seen 3 doctors previously searching for some kind of relief from my serious and very painful arthritic feet. I was told the same thing by all that drastic surgery was my only real option and no offer of any kind of pain relief. Dr Stephen Schroeder was the first and only doctor to listen attentively to the history of my problem feet and my struggle to get any relief. He asked indepth questions and gave me the most detailed and complete explanation of my problem and options for relief of any doctor. He showed me the X-rays he had taken and explained every detail. After the exam and discussion of all options he suggested cortisone injections to give me immediate relief. That was 2 and a half months ago and I am still mostly pain free. I realize this is a temporary solution but I was desperate for immediate relief. Dr Schroeder could not have been more compassionate about my plight and was the first doctor who showed a genuine interest in helping to relieve my pain. I will continue my treatment and when it comes time for the inevitable surgery I will trust no one else. I most highly recommend Dr Schroeder if you are looking for compassionate interest and thoughtful solutions for your orthopedic problems. I cannot say enough good about him and hope he continues his practice here for many years! Thank you Dr Schroeder!”

Lisa Fu

  • knee surgery

“To Dr. Greenleaf for fixing up my knee, I am running again! And nothing is hurting where its not supposed to. I put off being seen for so long and was so nervous about having surgery, but with your warmth and confidence, along with your competent and very professional team, made this a breeze.

I am continuing to heal and paying closer attention to taking care of myself and my 45 year old body.

Thank you so much!!


Sally Gagnier

  • Wrist and arm

“I broke my arm, fractured my wrist, dislocated my elbow and stretched the nerves into my fingers. I was a mess. Dr. Hamilton and his staff were truly miracle workers. They not only patched me up with my operation, but they held my hand thru the very trying 5 months since it happened. They have worked closley with me, encouraged me when I was so down, showed me what I needed to do and gave me the tools to get better. I finally feel like I will get the use of my hand and arm again. I would highly recommend Dr. Hamilton and his staff to anyone that needs hand, wrist and arm work.”

Kara Loffelmacher

  • MAKO knee replacement
Kara Loffelmacher's photo

“I had a MAKO knee replacement performed by Dr. Murphy in November. Having suffered a horrible basketball injury at 17, and then going on to compete as a D-I tennis player, I had lots of wear and tear on my joint. At the age of 34, staring down 6 prior knee surgeries on my right knee, combined with horrible osteo-arthritis and constant pain, it became apparent that a knee replacement was my only real route back to a normal life. Dr. Edelson saved my knee as long as medically possible, and then looking at my situation with both him and Dr. Murphy, it became clear that MAKO was my best option. At 3 months post-op, I am thrilled with the result, and know I will be able to live a life of sport and exercise again, but most important, just be pain free. Also, the in-house physical therapy team at Sports Medicine Oregon has been invaluable to my recovery as well - it's inevitable to feel down physically but also mentally post-surgery, but their team is right there to pick you up and push you forward from the get-go. I truly thank Dr. Edelson, Dr. Murphy and Jason Vila for helping me feel normal again, and to look ahead in my life.”

Mark Graziani

  • ACL Surgery

“I tore my ACL playing soccer, and from the time from pre-surgery to surgery to post surgery, I have had fantastic care and communication from Dr. Edelson. Along with Dr. Edelson, and the support staff of Valerie and Erynn, I have been treated with a great sense of professionalism, and personal care, that I look forward to every appointment. The fact, that Dr. Edelson and his staff deal with a high level professional athlete, and numerous patients, then in turn treat me with that same professionalism and individual care is very comforting. They are many choices out there, for Sports Medicine, for me choosing Oregon Sports Med and Dr. Edelson, Valerie and Erynn was one of the best choices I made--I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for treating me like that professional athlete!”